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Sri Vasuki Subramanya Temple, Sagri - An Apeal to devotees

Dear devotees,
We are delighted to invite you to the auspicious event to offer the renovated and consecrated shrine of nāgadeva and the Ashttabqandha - Brahmakalasha along with Punah-Prathishta from 08 April 2022 to 11 April 2022 (ShubhakruthChaitra - Shudda Sapthami). There will be many sacred rituals under the guidance of Padigaru Sri Srinivas Tantri and also several cultural events, to add grandeur to the event.

We are happy to inform you all that this punyakshetra has gained much renown over the last four decades in tulu nadu with God's grace and with local, national and international support. This Kshetra is also known for making the lives of sathvika people free of troubles and sorrows, and filling them with bliss due to the benediction of Sri Vasuki Subramanya

For a long time, we have been wishing to renovate this fragile shrine to Nagadeva. Now, the immense grace of God, blessings of elders and unconditional backing of the devotees have made possible the rebuilding of the new shrine in a short period. This is a matter of joy for us.

We humbly request your presence along with your family and friends in all these holy activities and get the divine blessings of the Kshetra Swami. We also seek your support in the form of śrama-dāna, goodwill and financial support to make this event a grand success.

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