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Sri Vasuki Subramanya Temple, Sagri. All you need to know about!

Located in the most beautiful and nature reserved place of Karnataka, The Parashuram Shrisht, where "Nagaradhana" is having great importance, and in culture which believes that Lord Vasuki has the power to destroy all bad omens.

It is clear that by pleasing the Lord, we can fullfil our passion and dreams. There are many such devotees who believe that mere blessings of the Lord can purify their deeds, fullfil dreams. One place that makes these believes to be "True" is "Sri Vasuki Subramanya Temple, Sagri".

More About Us

Shri Kshetra Sagri

2 K.M away from udupi, this place is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Though this place is very close to the city, this place has been very distant to the chaos of the city and is one of best abode for peace, to those who seek for a pause from the external world.
Having a history backing to 16th century, This place has seen its first development during the era of Late. Shri Ananth Samaga.

During period of late. Sri Ananth Samaga, the place has witnessed great milestones like - BhimbaPrathishte - Process of concentrating the divine energy to a vital point, and BrahmaKaslasha.

This linage of late. Sri Ananth Samaga is continued by Sri Gopala Krishna Samaga. After a span of 12 year, under the supervision and guidance of sri Gopala Krishna Samaga and support from the devotees this kshetra has again wittnessed the BrahmaKaslasha Seve, Renovation of the temple, reconstruction of the holy lake.

Our History

About Vaak Siddi to the Samaga Family - Travelling back 4 centuries from now, then head of the Samaga family, who was travelling to Neelavara (A near by place to udupi, known for Durga temple.) found a snake caught in the wildfire. After a long try, he could save the snake from the fire.

Miraculously, the divine snake took form of Lord Anantha, and spoke - "I am please with your humanitarian values, ask for a boon and it will be granted. Gold, Silver, Treasure...anything.". humbly, Samaga family head replied - "Oh god, I request you grant a boon to me, my family and my linage a divine gift - VAAK SIDDHI, a knowledge about what is to happen and its remedies, so that we can serve people in problem and guide them towards peace and happiness."

Please by this the god said "SO BE IT" and disappeared. This is how Lord Anantha Has kept his ppromise even today.

Blesings of Shri Vadhiraja Swami - As token of blessings Shri Vadhiraja swamiji had given a golden pendent of Lord Anantha to one of the ancestors of samaga family, the divine yogic power of the swamiji has envoked the presence of Lord Anantha in that pendent, which the samaga family carry even today when they perform the Darshana Seve.

Connecton with Udupi Krishna Mutt and the Ashatamatas - from ancient times, during the paryaya in Udupi Krishna Temple, it is practised to have a Nagamandala Seve and this is continously performed by the Samaga Linage from ancient times.